How is the best support for your mattress?

Monday , 11, March 2019 Comments Off on How is the best support for your mattress?

Everything discussed above influences the type of support appropriate to your decorative needs and space organization, and rest. The slatted bed bases are the most common due to their low cost, but sometimes the cheap is expensive.

When we are going to acquire complete equipment that guarantees the best rest, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the materials, composition and the solidity of the products. We always focus on innovation and quality of sleep. That is why we have designed the best support for your mattress.


Once again we have managed to improve the way the world sleeps with our base. Our upholstered base is the perfect place to leave your mattress because:

  • It has a total height of 26 cm.
  • It is elegant and robust.
  • Easy to assemble, you only need 5 minutes and that’s it!
  • It is composed of top quality fabrics with 3D technology.
  • A hygienic treatment protects it from mites and bacteria.
  • The other with a multi-perforated board that guarantees maximum ventilation.

It is a resistant product, comfortable and suitable for all types of mattresses and, above all, our mattress models. We have a large number of measures for both large and small to benefit from the advantages of sleeping on the best support.


For those people who are more practical or looking for more functional solutions when equipping their bedroom with the best elements for rest, we have our folding canopy. And it consists of:

  • Perfect height of 35.5cm.
  • Easy opening thanks to its wooden handles.
  • Cushioning in the closure of the lid to reduce noise.
  • Cover with a reinforced metal structure with a thickness of 4cm.
  • The spacious interior of 28cm.
  • Supports the weight perfectly while you sleep.
  • And best of all, we set it up for you!

With our folding canopy you not only have the best support for your mattress, but you also have ample space for the organization of the home. Its elegant finishes make it an ideal solution for those who opt for decorative styles such as minimalism. If you want more information, you can see the best mattress for back pain 2019.